NUDE – THE new brand of contemporary glass, Made in Istanbul

We are born Nude

Nude is glassware under the architectural lens.

Nude is the one and only contemporary, realistic and fresh glass manufacturer born these days. Nude aims at improving our living spaces by experimenting in all senses through form, through function, through material.

Nude aims outstanding solutions for people who want a life less ordinary, more sensuous and pleasurable in every habitable space.

Since Today, our glass models are experimental, sensual, purposeful and contemporary. We are nude.

Concepts, Collections, Nude Models

Ron Arad

Ron Arad, architect and industrial designer by training, has gone far beyond this formal discipline. He has become a creator in its truest sense. After over 30 years working on a large variety of projects, Ron Arad is still true to his original spirit. He is an innovator of shape and function, constantly re-thinking our reality and reinterpreting the objects that shape our lives.

“For me design is to do something that did not exist before.” (Ron Arad)

Ron Arad Signature Nude collections; “Round Decanter”, “Red or White” and “Wine Party” are masterfully handmade into blazing glass bodies.

  • Round Decanter is a collector’s item. 360 degrees of mouth blown and handmade craftsmanship, with only 360 pieces made.
  • Red or White?

Summarized in the words of the designer himself, “Ideas should serve us; we shouldn’t serve the ideas. Like this glass collection we have created. People always ask: Form or function? They are not at war with each other; they work together.”  Red or White wine glass purposefully trivializes the first question about wine, by design one side is a red wine glass and the other is for white wine.


“Crystallize your nude glass.”

The Swarovski and Nude collaboration is about sparking people’s desires for delight. It speaks for itself in a new language. It’s a story about a fine dedication to uncover the sparkle Nude has in it, a touch of luxury for the contemporary spirit. It’s not just about crystal; it’s also about integrating crystal into design-driven concepts.

2014 collection – Loft

Loft collection is about bringing pleasures and the potential enjoyment to the life of the modern man. It’s about form following function, solutions and expressions that are relevant to people. Every aspect of life; living, kitchen, dining and bedroom is covered with enjoyable and durable objects: Iconic vases, candle holders, carafes a bedroom mirror or a jewelry holder.


Glass shapes its content and makes it visible. It underlines its character without changing its essence. Only through glass can the little pleasures of life truly become alive and delight us in all senses.

These Classic Nude Models are elegant yet casual; they simply cover Food & Wine and Deco & Design essentials. Including collections like “Host Like a pro” these glasses make little pleasures of life become alive.

Nude Models are made of a bare essential material; lead-free crystal glass, purposefully shaped by hand or machine for this one of a kind transparency and fineness. This special composition distinguished by its superior sonority and high durability is dishwasher safe over 2000 cycles.

HOMI, Milano will be the first fair to launch Nude where Guzzini and Nude join forces to introduce complementary top designed spaces. By this special collaboration Nude Models will be distributed by Guzzini.

Nude space presentations will continue with Maison & Objet, Paris and the Frankfurt Ambiente Fair.

Nude collections will be available by April 2014 in Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

Institutional profile of the firm

“Nude” brand is a part of Sisecam Group.

Sisecam Group is an industrial group operating on an international scale in the fields of flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, and chemicals. International sales constitute approximately 50% of the total sales of Sisecam, which carries out production activities in nine countries and exports to 150 countries. The Group is the leader in its fields of business, encompassing all the key areas of glass production (i.e., flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber), soda ash and chromium chemicals. Sisecam is a global player that carries out production activities in 9 countries and exports to around 150 countries.

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