NUDE : Ron Arad Signature Collection – NEW 2014

Ron Arad Signature Collection for NUDE

Ron Arad, architect and industrial designer by training, has gone far beyond this formal discipline. He has become a creator in its truest sense. After over 30 years working on a large variety of projects, Ron Arad is still true to his original spirit. He is an innovator of shape and function, constantly re-thinking our reality and reinterpreting the objects that shape our lives.

“For me design is to do something that did not exist before.” (Ron Arad)

Ron Arad Signature Nude collections:  “Round Decanter”, “Red or White” and “Wine Party” are masterfully handmade into blazing glass bodies.

  • Round Decanter is a collector’s item. 360 degrees of mouth blown and handmade craftsmanship, with only 360 pieces made.
  • Red or White?

Summarized in the words of the designer himself, “Ideas should serve us; we shouldn’t serve the ideas. Like this glass collection we have created. People always ask: Form or function? They are not at war with each other; they work together.”  Red or White wine glass purposefully trivializes the first question about wine, by design one side is a red wine glass and the other is for white wine.

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